“Hello guys,

I must inform you that following a couple of RMAs we realized the Vardar 140 batch has serious quality issues so we had to stop all sales and will be informing all customers of the following situation:

Product recall for EK-Vardar 140 (F2, F3, FF4)

EAN# Name
3831109867570 EK-Vardar F2-140
3831109867587 EK-Vardar F3-140ER
3831109867594 EK-Furious Vardar FF4-140

Some of those fans produce metallic sound when running at low speeds that can be considered annoying for some buyers. F2-140 and F3-140ER, when they operate at lower RPM, a metal noise can be heard, something similar to two metal parts rubbing against each other, probably a faulty bearing. With FF4-140, a strange noise can be heard (either at low or high RPM) in the motor area, the cause is currently unknown. NOT all Fans were affected but we do not want to sell something that might be faulty, so all sales of these fans are stopped until issue is resolved.

EK-Vardar F1-140 (3831109867563) IS NOT affected by this issue and is staying available for purchase. thumb.gif

Existing customers will be given a choice of;
1. Complete refund.
2. Replacement when the new redesigned batch arrives (1-2 months waiting time, currently unclear).

We are sorry that after such a long wait we need to recall the products you were looking forward to. Please excuse us for any inconveniences this might have caused you.”

The message above is directly from EKWB’s CEO, Mark Tanko. I usually refrain from posting news items here, and try to keep it reviews only but this merits an exception. Please do note that not all fans have been affected, and definitely not the F1-140, and the recall applies even if you have purchased the fans from an authorized reseller. I had received 1 validation sample each which were completely fine so I feel for both EK and the customers who purchased the retail versions from the first retail batch. This is really good customer service though, with emails sent out to people who purchased the fans from EK directly (the bulk majority of the owners at this point) and affected customers do not even need to return the fans as far as I am told. Knowing fully well that my reviews could have gone a completely different direction had I received faulty fans, I give props to EK for recognizing the issue swiftly and responding appropriately. This is also why I prefer to deal with retail samples whenever possible. Hopefully the manufacturing factory deals with the issue in a similar manner.