The last Noctua fan tested here was the NF-A14 FLX which was very impressive overall, and left us wanting more. As with other flagship fans, Noctua makes sure to offer the NF-A14 in a multitude of options- be it rated speed or control option. The FLX was rated at 1200 RPM, and we now jump over to the 2000 RPM IPPC version. Thanks again to Performance PCs for the sample.

Let’s take a look at the specs courtesy the product page:

We see that this is a standard 25mm thick fan with a 140 x 140mm square frame, making it compatible out of the box with 140mm size radiators. It uses the latest available design from Noctua, be it in the frame, the impeller or the bearing. As with PWM fans, Noctua reports not just the max rated speed (2000 RPM +/-10%) but also the minimum speed (500 RPM +/- 20%). If we were to go by this and assume a linear RPM response, then the PWM duty cycle would be 25-100% which is very good for a high speed fan. Also impressive is the low power rating which includes start-up boost, and hopefully the performance backs up the low power draw as well. Thanks to the fully sealed magnetic bearing, the fan is rated at an MTBF (presumably at 25 ºC) of 150, 000 hours and this goes along with a very nice 6 year warranty backed by good customer support. The IPPC-2000 comes in PWM or voltage control options, and we have the PWM version here. But both of them share the same IP52 rating (in fact, there is a 3rd IPPC-2000 which is IP67 rated) and the fiber-glass reinforced impeller. Let’s take a look at this and more on the next page.

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