I have been hearing very good things about the NF-A14 for what seems like ages now, second only to the NF-F12. There is no denying that Noctua makes some very good air coolers and fans for that application, but the NF-F12 fell short on more air flow restrictive scenarios such as a radiator. Thanks to Performance PCs, we get to see now how the NF-A14 (IPPC versions upcoming) fare against other 140mm fans.

Let’s take a look at the specs courtesy the product page:

We see that the NF-A14 is a standard 140mm fan with a square frame and 25mm thickness, making it compatible out of the box with most 140mm size radiators. The FLX is a 3-pin, voltage controlled fan but one can get the NF-A14 in retail PWM (higher max speed) as well as multiple different IPPC variants, some of which will be covered here soon. It uses all the current gen innovations from Noctua in the blade and frame design, as well as the bearing and is thus the de-facto standard from the company for 140mm fans (along with the other NF-A14 fans, anyway). The rated speed for the fan as-is is 1200 RPM, with two provided low noise adapters taking this down to 10 1050 and 900 RPM respectively. This allows a lot of flexibility to people wanting to control the fans themselves or just set n’ forget. We also see listed the rated input power (and current draw) which is nice to see as this is the number people should target when deciding how many fans a header can power, as opposed to rated operation power draw which most companies provide, if at all. Along with a hefty set of listed accessories comes a top notch bearing that results in an MTBF (presumably at 25 ยบC) of > 150, 000 hours and a whopping 6 year warranty. Noctua customer service is very good too, irrespective of where you are located and so we leave this page on a satisfactory note. Let’s see if the trend continues beginning with a good look at the fan on the next page.

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