After the Vardar F1-140 and F2-140, it’s time to take a look at the F3-140ER. This is quite possibly the most anticipated fan out of the entire lineup from EK owing to the extended control range and also the all black color scheme of the fan frame and impeller. We saw in the case of the F4-120ER how it essentially was the go-to 120mm Vardar fan in most cases and this may well end up being a similar situation. Thanks to EK for providing the sample for testing.

Let’s take a look at the specs courtesy the product page:

The first thing that catches my eye here is the -ER notification in red. A super long 25-100% PWM duty cycle coupled with a rated speed of 2000 RPM promises a good range of control, sometimes even going past that of the previous fans in the lineup. As with all the other Vardar 140mm fans, this has a square frame and is 25mm thick making it compatible out of the box with current 140mm size radiators. Ditto with the dual ball bearings, the MTBF and the PWM control. Rated power draw, including start up boost, increases to nearly 4 W here and we begin to see the near exponential increase of fan power draw with fan speeds- just wait till we get to the FF4-140. Another common item is the warranty which stands at 2 years now. Perhaps if I keep asking for 3, it might go up? We shall see. Let’s take a look at the fan now on the next page.

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