When I first got my hands on a pre-production model of the Vardar F3-140ER over two months ago, all I wanted to know was when would it be out for retail sale and how much it would cost. It was definitely a long wait, but they are finally released and out for retail purchase this week along with the rest of the 140mm Vardar fans. This line up has 4 fans spreading across a range of rated RPMs, and today we take a look at the first one- the F1-140. Please note that the retail samples shipping may be slightly different from the validation samples I have here, and we will discuss this as appropriately. Thanks a lot to Niko from EK from sending the sample.

Let’s take a look at the specs courtesy the product page:

There is also a nice comparison P-Q chart of where all the 120 and 140mm Vardar fans stack up against each other. As always, compare factory specs of fans within the same company itself and not across companies as no one seems to report whether ISO standard testing was adopted or not. This is the first of 4 fans in the 140mm Vardar series and is rated at 1150 RPM (+/- 10%), which is more than a lot of current 140mm fans already. As with the other Vardar fans, this is a 4 pin PWM controlled fan meant to run at a constant 12 V DC. The rated power draw for the fan, which I have confirmed includes input power, is relatively low at just 0.88 W which is good news for people wanting to power these fans off motherboard headers. The rated PWM duty cycle is 40-100% so expect minimum RPMs to hit ~460-500 (+/- 15%). The fan employs a dual ball bearing with an associated MTBF of 50, 000 hours at 40 ºC (and higher at 25 ºC) and is a standard 25mm thick fan making it compatible with most 140mm size radiators out of the box. As far as warranty goes, there is a 2 year limited international warranty as indicated on the product page (not seen in the specs list) which I would still like to see increased to 3.  Let’s take a good look at the fan on the next page.

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