The Alphacool XP3 Light came out in 2011-2012 but, as of the date of this article, it remains Alphacool’s latest CPU block and is their solution available in retail markets. As with most CPU blocks, the XP3 comes in multiple different versions ranging from acetal tops to plexi ones to even metal tops, and has lately caught my attention a lot owing to some price drops (along with the Phobya brethren) making them well worth the time needed to test these fully. Thanks a lot to Pascal from Aquatuning for arranging the sample.

Let’s begin by taking a look at the specs courtesy the product page:

Given the nature of my hotbox favoring metal tops slightly, I requested the brass top version as can be seen here. One datum point missing here is the weight of this particular block, but it is covered in the description section of the block (0.279 Kg, ~0.61 lbs). It is not the heaviest full metal block I have seen to far and part of this is because of the compact nature of the block itself and also because the mounting bracket is not a pre-installed fixture here. The cold plate in this particular version is copper, and there are options for nickel plated cold plates as well. As far as socket compatibility goes, the block supports just about every socket released in the past decade out of the box so there is no need to purchase extra mounting brackets or backplates. As far as product warranty goes, anything Alphacool gets a 1 year limited manufacturer’s warranty which I still feel is too less a time period and I will keep insisting on a minimum of 3 years for CPU blocks. Let’s head over to the next page for a look at the block now.

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