Swiftech has been around for what seems like ages now, and are one of the legitimate PC watercooling founder brands. More recently, their AIOs and pumps have offered things that are great bangs for the buck, and seem to be sold out more often than not. One such side result of this is that their fans, which are part of their AIOs, are really hard to purchase separately. On paper, they seem to be a really good deal too. So thanks a lot to Gabe and Bryan for sending one of the Helix120 PWM fans for testing to find out exactly how they are.

Let’s begin by taking a look at the specs courtesy the product page:

Do note that the Helix120 is also available in a 3 pin, voltage control version as well. Both have the same specs so the per RPM behavior should be similar. This is a 120 x 120 x 25mm fan with a square frame with a rated speed range of 800-1800 RPM. Aside from these standard specs, we see a Z-axis bearing employed here. This is based off a standard sleeve bearing but improves upon lifetime and noise (other “Long life sleeve bearings” are similar, if not identical) and that’s also why we see a higher reported MTBF of 60, 000 hours compared to the usual 25-30, 000 hours reported for fans with sleeve bearings. The warranty on the fan is not explicitly mentioned here, but their general warranty page reveals a 12 month warranty would be applicable here. I would have liked to see this be higher (2-3 years minimum, running for 3 years straight is still less than half of that MTBF here). With this covered, let’s take a look at the fan on the next page.

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