The very first be quiet! product I had tested out was the Silent Wings 2 120mm PWM fan (here) and since then everything from them has shown to have a big emphasis on noise- not surprising given the product name- and excellent build quality. Today then we take a look at the 140mm version of the same, and in PWM flavor as well. Thanks to Christoph and Roxie for sending samples for testing.

Let’s begin by taking a look at the specs courtesy the product page:

I won’t ever tire of seeing the detailed spec sheets on be quiet! products, but for once there are a few things missing that I would have liked to see here- rated RPM range and not just max RPM and PWM duty cycle. Aside from that, we see this is a 140 x 140mm fan with 25mm thickness (albeit not everywhere) with a fluid dynamic bearing, a massively long lifespan and a good 5 year warranty to support it. You also see what exactly is included with the fan as well as packaging dimensions which can be very useful in case you have a mailbox to receive items and it has a limited size. Now let’s take a look at the fan on the next page.

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