This is a review that is months in the making. I had intended to get this out long ago but some medical issues and timing of other things kept it from happening, and now I have well over 4 months of experience using this keyboard- unintentionally but I will take it. There isn’t anything thermal or benching about a keyboard but the past ~35ish reviews have all been written with this so I have grown quite familiar with the product. It is not my mechanical keyboard, but definitely changed my opinion on a lot of things and I hope some of this comes in handy to others. Thanks a lot to Rajiv from Cooler Master from providing a sample for review.

Let’s begin by  taking a look at the specs courtesy the product page:

Straight away we see that this is no Cherry MX switch keyboard, nor a Kailh switch and yet this is a mechanical switch. For those not familiar, the hybrid capacitive switch mentioned here is an adapter Topre switch modified such that the stems accommodate OEM height Cherry MX compatible keycaps. Topre- that brand that makes expensive keyboards you have probably never tried out yet. As much as I would like to think my review would be the be all, end all I am handicapped by the fact that I can’t convey the feel of any mechanical switch that you have not tried yet and getting hands on a Topre switch in a mechanical switch sampler is near impossible as it is. With that massive limitation out there, let’s go ahead and cover the rest as much as possible. Cooler Master intends for this for gaming and typing professionals, and there are some interesting design and feature choices that don’t necessarily seem matching at first glace- the lack of onboard LEDs (let alone per key backlighting), macro keys and a wrist rest for example- but the more you think about it the more sense it makes. Gaming professionals aren’t allowed to use macro keys in tournaments and LEDs are almost always turned off in a brightly lit gaming arena. Typing professionals also are more reliant on memory and touch typing with the right posture to make use of LEDs or an included wrist rest. To compensate for this, CM offers N-key rollover via USB, albeit in Windows only, which makes this the only Topre switch keyboard to offer this as far as I am aware but not the only mechanical keyboard necessarily. No software here or dedicated media keys, which is in line with everything seen so far and a 2 year warranty rounds up the feature set. Let’s take a look at the product on the next page.

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