Or shall I say “Heatkiller® MB-X KIT ASUS RAMPAGE V EXTREME Ni” instead? Either way, this has me excited. For one, the only other Watercool product reviewed here so far was really good and, secondly, this is now the third of three motherboard liquid cooling solutions for the Asus x99 RVE that I have personally had my hands on. The RVE is quite possibly the most popular x99 motherboard in the enthusiast market and having only 3 companies (EKWB, Bitspower and now Watercoool) make aftermarket liquid cooling solutions for it (that I know of anyway) tells you that this is the niche of the niche we are covering here today. While PCH watercooling is mostly done for aesthetics or to simply add on to the loop these days, VRM cooling is still important. Despite the integrated VRMs on Intel Haswell CPUs, overclocking an i7 5960x past 4.2-4.3 GHz can add some stress on the VRMs and active cooling is definitely helpful. While air coolers do help out by providing airflow over the VRM heatsinks, AIOs and custom loops don’t necessarily do so and it is then left to the quality of the VRMs, the VRM cooling solution on the motherboard and case cooling to do the job. This is also where motherboard blocks come in to play. Thanks then to Christian, we get to see what Watercool brings to the table here.

Let’s take a look at the specs courtesy the product page:

Material: nickel-plated electrolytic copper, POM, stainless steel
Dimensions: (L x W x H): 107 x 19 x 22,5 mm (VRM), 110 x 104 x 15,5 mm (chip set)
Weight: approx. 430 g
Pressure tested: 5 bar
Sealing: NBR70
Threads: G ¼ inch (DIN ISO 228-1)

1x Mounting material
1x Thermal pads
1x Mounting manual

There’s not really much to say here really, aside from the part where the sample sent was the nickel plated copper variant and there is the copper only version available as well at a lower price. For those wanting a VRM only cooling solution, Watercool has it available for separate purchase as well which may well get more people interested than coughing up the extra dough for the full kit. No acrylic/plexi top version here, with POM (Polyoxymethylene, also known as acetal) being the only option here. There is no explicit mention of warranty here but their general warranty policy page specifies a 2 year warranty period for all their products. I like that the blocks have been leak tested up to 5 bar, and this is beyond what most rads can handle anyway (and definitely beyond anything a well set up loop should experience). Before we head over to the next page, notice that there is one thing missing in the list of included items- thermal paste. This is not a case where Watercool expects you to use TIM of your choice as they did with their CPU blocks, and we will get to this along with a lot of other things on the next page.

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