Along with the Dark Rock TF (review here), be quiet! was kind enough to also send the Shadow Rock LP cooler. This, part of their Shadow Rock series, is a mid range cooler that is in the top-bottom flow style as well but is more affordable and offers slightly less cooling. It also has a much smaller overall footprint and thus is something that small form factor builders will be interested in. Thanks then to Roxie and Christoph for sending the sample for testing.

Let’s begin by taking a look at the specs courtesy the product page:

Once more be quiet! impresses with a detailed spec sheet covering everything from dimensions and weight of the packaged box to specs of the included fan to specs of the heatsink. I really hope this never changes, and be quiet! continues to be the standard for others to arrive at. I can’t see a single piece of redundant or useless information here (as opposed to accurate, keep that in mind) and all I can suggest adding in is the MSRP/RRP for some of the other markets as well (North America, for example). We will get to most of the specs when we take a look at the relevant items beginning on the next page but before that, a concise look at the cooler courtesy OCN forum member Doyll that follows up from the official dimensions image here. Thanks again for all the time and effort spent into making this very useful diagram:

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