No, this is not the Nemesis 560 GTX (which was indeed reviewed already here) and neither is this an old radiator that is no longer sold. While Hardware Labs has introduced a lot of new radiators in the past couple of years (and yet more coming soon too!), those that still serve a purpose and not replaced yet are still sold in the retail market. Case in point the GTX (Gen 2 Xtreme) series of radiators that were optimized for high airflow to go along with the GT Stealth and the SR1 for the previous generation but there isn’t really a current gen Black Ice radiator that does the same- yet. If all this feels like I am setting up a background story for an upcoming successor, it is because I am. But at the same time we get to see how older radiators such as this have fared with time and where we have scope for improvement. Thanks then to Will for providing the sample for testing.

Let’s take a look at the specs courtesy the product page

  • Two-pass pre-cool/aftercool front-rear dual-core flow configuration with a 30% increase in internal flow rates.
  • Custom MaxFin™ 25 micron Copper Splitter Fin Configuration utilizing 45% thinner fin material yielding up to 50% less pressure drop.
  • Unique fin configuration eliminates intra-louver accumulation of dust particles for trouble free operation.
  • Radically optimized 20 FPI (Fins Per Inch) fin density providing dramatically increased heat transfer surface area.
  • Custom low-profile 2-row 19.0 x 1.2mm MaxFlow™ tubes with twice the waterside surface area of the GTS and 60% frontal area reduction for superior low air-resistance aerodynamics and lower internal flow requirements.
  • Yields up to 45% more heat exchange capacity than the Black Ice® Xtreme in both Stealth or Performance modes.
  • Achieves Black Ice® Xtreme level performance in stealth mode (low-noise/low-airflow conditions).
  • M4 Threaded Screw Holes for easier mounting and greater adaptability.
  • Now standard G 1/4″ female threaded fittings.
  • Full high-temper brass structural construction for weight reduction and superior corrosion resistance.
  • High performance compact radiator compatible as an upgrade to the Black Ice® Xtreme and most 120mm form factor radiators.
  • Uses 100% Non-corrosive water-soluble fluxing process.
  • Fully RoHS compliant.
  • Full electrostatic polyurethane painting finish for uniform coating with high temperature curing for increased finish durability.
  • Renowned Black Ice® quality.
  • Patent Pending Design.

The product page also has a technical drawing that will come in very handy to test for radiator compatibility in a case and also help plan out plumbing:

This is more of a feature set and specifications sheet combo but it does provide us with a lot of information. As you read through the list, you realize that this is not much different than current radiators out there, and definitely share a lot of DNA with the Nemesis GTX. Both have 25 micron thin splitter fins, 1.2mm thick tube channels in a dual row configuration, front to back (or back to front, if you will) flow as opposed to U-Flow or X-Flow and one of the few radiators using M4 threaded fan screw holes. Then the differences begin- less tubes per row here giving the Nemesis GTX more tubing area. The Nemesis GTX was also optimized for scaling from low to mid/high airflow than anything else, and isn’t a direct replacement accordingly. Now let’s take a look at the unit on the next page.

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