“The power of house fan in your PC” is what you read on the packaging. I scoffed at it the first time I saw it- never again though. Silverstone, as we saw with the FW181, has a lot more incentive to develop 180mm fans than most others owing to the unique nature of some of their cases. Their AP181 was a very good fan and well regarded by most. But it had a few issues such as sleeve bearings and it also did not provide the full-on performance levels that could be possible with a fan of this size. Enter then the AP182 which has had more than just a color change. Thanks to Tony from Silverstone, we get to take a look at these changes and more.

Let’s begin by taking a look at the specs courtesy the product page:

We see that the fan is now all white as opposed to the all black in the AP181. This goes well with Silverstone’s white and blue color schemes adopted for fans, but may not be for everyone’s tastes as I have seen already on online communities. The fan uses a dual ball bearing which is a big step up from the sleeve bearing used on the AP181 (which is still sold by the way) but the biggest change is in the motor which is now capable of powering the fan all the way up to 2000 RPM while consuming as much as 1.3 A (15.6 W on the 12 V rail). This, combined with the 32mm thickness of the fan, leads to a very powerful fan. The air penetrator series was not designed with radiators in mind necessarily, since the unique blade and grill design which provide a flow straightening action are mostly redundant once screwed onto a radiator. But it is still the only 180mm fan I have here that goes past 1500 RPM, let alone hit 2000 RPM, and thus I am very excited to see how it works out. Now I want to point out that weight of 431g here. The EK and Phobya 180mm fans we saw earlier weigh less than half as much, and the slim FW181 comes in at almost a third of the weight. The thicker nature of the fan does contribute here but is it an indication of higher build quality? Let’s find out on the next page.

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