We know that Phobya is the house brand for Aquatuning, who in turn work closely with Alphacool. Until a few months back, they (along with Magicool) were the only ones with 180mm size radiators and thus they also had the most incentive to get 180mm fans to retail. Most of their current offerings are more airflow oriented than static pressured optimized, and so today we take a look at what is likely their best offering for radiators now. Thanks then to Pascal for sending the samples for testing.

Let’s take a look at the specs courtesy the product page:

Technical specifications:
Dimensions: 180x180x25mm
Color: Black frame and black fan blades
Weight: 215g
Starting voltage: 9V
Operating voltage: 7-12V
Current draw: 0.13A
Nominal speed: 500-900rpm (+/- 10%)
Air flow: 95 m³/h / 56 CFM
Noise emissions: 17 dB(A)
Connector type: 4-Pin PWM
Special feature: Extremely slim, 25mm, PW

Extent of delivery:
1x Phobya G-Silent 18 PWM 900rpm slim black ( 180x180x25mm )
1x 4 Fan screws

Do not be misled by the slim wording in the title, because 32mm was the normal thickness for 180mm fans before 25mm became a standard everywhere. This fan is 25mm thick and will work with the supplied screws that come with the 180/360/540 radiator of choice. There are other radiators that can fit this such as the Watercool MO-RA3 360/420 and the Phobya Nova 1080/1260 series. You will note that the product page currently lists a different product name and specs in the details tab, and this is something I hope Aquatuning will update soon. This is a PWM fan, and the 500-900 RPM range makes this similar on paper to the EK-FAN 180 PWM we first checked out in the 180mm size. At this point, this is also the last 180mm PWM fan I have here and hopefully more come out in the future. No mention of warranty here (1 year limited manufacturer warranty applies here) nor is there any mention of bearing type or MTBF which I would like to see added to the specs list. Now let’s head over to the next page for a look at the fan.

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