Another day, another new EK product launch. Whatever they are using for this productivity, can I get some of it as well please? This time we see what some would associate as the direct successor to their XTX lineup of radiators. At first glance it would not be hard to assume as such, with this being 60mm thick, and in a shell akin to what the Coolstream PE (review of the 480mm version here) adopted. But the more in detail one looks at these, the more differences one will observe. To help with this process and also see how the XE lineup performs, let’s thank Niko from EK for having sent a sample for review and go ahead.

Let’s begin by taking a look at the specs courtesy the product page:

Thanks to the magic that is archived webpages, let’s also take a look at the specs of the XTX 480 radiator via its product page:

Now we have a base for comparison and also see what’s new with the Coolstream XE series (henceforth referred to as just XE). First up, the housing in the XE is not fully steel and has some aluminum in it (no, this will not be in contact with the coolant so don’t worry). We also shed 4mm in thickness (but get most of it back as we will see soon). Next up is where we see the bulk of the changes- the XE is heavier, but consumes way less coolant, has higher fin density, switches from M3 to UNC 6-32 for screws and screw holes and loses one port for a total of 4 vs 5 on the XTX. The tested pressure rating of 1 bar is above ambient so it is in line with most of the radiators in the retail market. As with all EK products, there is a standard 2 year warranty on this which is something that I feel can be improved upon. EK is considering an extended warranty program, and if you would like to see this in action please do let your opinions be heard here or directly on their social media pages.

Now let’s take a look at the radiator and examine the changes in more detail on the next page.

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