“180mm fans? What for? Who buys them? It’s such a small market!”

That’s precisely why I am doing this. No one really has tested out 180mm fans and radiators, and it does not take me long now that I have a set protocol for testing fans and radiators. This is part of a multi-fan series after which I will choose the best overall fan for a 180mm radiator (triple 180mm that is, because why not?) test series. So let’s start off with the fans that prompted the whole thing- the 180mm PWM offering from EK. Thanks a lot to Derick and Niko for providing the samples.

Let’s begin by taking a look at the specs courtesy the product page:

Let me right away say that this is not one of their Vardar branded fans, and so the expectations that go with it would be misplaced here. Either way, this is a fan that was made in conjunction with Gelid and they make some decent fans. I have 18 of their Wing 14 fans installed on a 9.140 radiator and no real complaints there. We see that this is a standard 25mm thick fan, and a PWM fan as well. The fan is rated from 500-900 RPM (+/- 10%) and has a current rating of 0.21 A (+/- 0.02 A) which corresponds to ~2.5 W each, and presumably includes start up boost if their other fan specifications are anything to go by. No mention of the PWM duty cycle or information on bearing type though and I would encourage EK to add it in. But on the plus side, we do see warranty listed right here and it is a nice surprise too- 5 years instead of the usual 2 years for anything EK makes and sells.

Let’s now take a look at the fan on the next page.

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