Ever since EK introduced their Vardar series of fans in the 120mm size (all of them reviewed here already), people have been asking, and requesting for 140mm versions as well. After all, there are some very good 120mm fans already but the 140mm radiator and fan market has not seen the same amount of love. Enter then the 140mm Vardars. Today we get to take an exclusive look at a pre-production sample (no difference in actual performance, just minor cosmetic changes) of one of these fans. Thanks then to Niko from EK for having sent in the sample before retail units even arrived anywhere.

Given the nature of this sample, there is no product page yet but I did receive some specifications which are listed below:

    • Speed: 2000 RPM +/- 10%
    • Rated Voltage: 12V DC
    • Current Draw: 0.32 A
    • Power Draw: 3.84 W
    • PWM Duty Cycle: 25-100%
    • Connector: 4-pin PWM header
    • Shaft Bearing: Double-ball bearing
    • Bearing Durability: 50,000 hrs @ 40 ºC (MTBF)
    • Dimensions: 140 x 140 x 25 mm
    • Max Air Flow: 108 CFM (184 m3/h)
    • Max Static Pressure: 3.16 mm H2O (30.9 Pa)
    • Noise Level: 40.7 dBA
    • Operating temperature: -10 to +70 ºC

We note again that this particular sample is the F3-140ER so presumably there are two lower speed versions as well (F1-140 and F2-140) and this is also an extended range model. The rated speed of 2000 RPM already puts this one well above your average retail 140mm fan in terms of max speed, and there’s actually one that goes even faster to complete the series. The power draw, inclusive of start up boost, is quite typical of high speed larger fans and I would imagine this would exponentially increase with higher speed too. This being an -ER model, we see the extended PWM duty cycle of 25-100% which would make this really good for people who have a good PWM controller. It is good to see the dual ball bearing carrying on here as well. Finally, while it is not explicitly indicated and one that I hope is seen on the product page, the warranty for this should be a standard 2 year limited warranty. Let’s now head over to the next page for a look at the fan.

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