Right now a lot of you are probably scratching your heads going “What’s a Nateman Doo?”. I don’t blame you necessarily- Nateman Doo is an artisan who frequents the EVGA forums and has created water blocks for a lot of people- especially the recent EVGA motherboards which tend to not get a lot of love from the more established units in watercooling. Thanks then to Nateman for providing this sample for review.

This started as a result of a few people on that forum not being particularly pleased with the current offerings as far as CPU waterblocks for for Haswell-E. A few weeks of talking between them and Nateman and the first prototype was ready. He wanted to get a baseline of liquid flow restriction and thermal performance, and I agreed to help him out. So here’s where we are. Keep in mind then that (a) this is not a mass production CPU block, (b) the design would be simpler than what we are generally used to seeing, (c) there is no packaging or accessories, and (d) this is a socket specific block. With that said, let’s take a look at the block on the next page.

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