Along with the SP120 LED fan (reviewed here), Corsair had also introduced the 140mm version at Computex last year. I saw a lot of people being happy about finally having some static pressure oriented 140mm fans and then be disappointed about these being LED only, not the rings retail version. To be fair, there were 140mm fans out there before this and even some that were static pressure optimized (The Blacknoise PK-2 and PK-3, for example) but they never hit mainstream. Corsair on the other hand is as mainstream as it can get, and that’s a good thing. Coupled with how the SP120 LED turned out to be impressive, I have high hopes for this one too. Thanks again to James for providing a twin pack for testing out, let’s see how this performs!

Let’s begin by taking a look at the product specs courtesy the product page:

I got the twin pack with green LEDs, but they should all perform similarly independent of color. We see that this is a standard 25mm thick fan and in the Corsair SP series (static pressure optimized). The fan speed is rated at 1440 RPM which is a weird number since we usually see these rounded off to the nearest 50 multiplier, and again we see no mention of a standard deviation to give some leeway here with sample to sample variation. The fan has a 2 year warranty and is a 3 pin, voltage controlled fan. There is no mention of bearing type (it is a sleeve bearing) or MTBF which has become the de facto standard with retail fans in describing longevity and I would like to see Corsair add this information to all their products that are fans or use fans (AIO coolers and PSUs included). Let’s now take a look at the fan on the next page.

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