If you read the review of the Bitspower Summit EF CPU waterblock, you would have anticipated this review to be following up soon. After all, it is part of this very kit itself along with 3 other blocks in total. Unlike the EK monoblock solution, this is literally a kit comprised of a separate CPU block, dedicated MOSFET and chipset blocks and a bridge block linking these three. This model allows for Bitspower to churn out similar kits for a lot of blocks since the only new block each time is the bridge unit. How does this perform compared to the EK R5E monoblock or other CPU blocks in cooling the core? What about the VRMs? Thanks to Vincent and Roger from Bitspower, we now have an opportunity to find out for ourselves.

Let’s first take a look at the specs courtesy the product page:

2. Included CPU/ChipSet and MOS Blocks.
3. Full-Covered-Block Design.
4. Block TOP Cover Made Of Hi-Quality Black Acrylic.
5. Block Base Made Of Hi-Quality Copper.
6. Block Base High Durability Nickel Finished In Shining Silver.
7. Polished Stainless Panel In Matt Black.
8. RoHS Compliant.

Dimension ( LxWxH ) : 270.8x212x48.7mm
Thread : G1/4″ x 2

Included :
1. AIX99R5E Full-Covered Armor (Black) x 1 PCS.
2. BP-MBWP-C90 x 6 PCS.
3. AIX99R5E Nickel Plated (Clear) x 1 Set.
4. CPU Block Summit EF (Intel) (Acrylic Top Version) x1 Set.
5. Backup O-Ring x 1Set.
6. Thermal PAD Included.
7. Mounting Screws/Accessories.

We see that the blocks themselves have a nickel plated copper cold plate, and the tops are clear acrylic. The only difference between the different versions of the kit is the color of the acrylic used in the bridge, which in this case happens to be black. So if you were thinking the black version would be made of delrin/acetal tops throughout, then please realize this is not the case in case it is a deal breaker. Another thing to note is that Bitspower includes a spare set of O-rings which I would love to see everyone adopt- this also encourages the customer to open up the block and clean it up if so desired without voiding warranty. Speaking of which, there is no mention of warranty anywhere on the website so this is something I would urge Bitspower to add to each product page accordingly. Let’s now head over to the next page to take a look at the kit itself.

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