This is going to be a concise article given that the Supremacy Evo has already been looked at (in a nickel plexi finish) before. The reasoning behind this review was to do with the full copper Heatkiller IV Pro having performed great in my hotbox, but there was a slight effect of airflow in the hotbox on the cooling performance. I wanted to see if the metal top was acting like a small heatsink and thus aiding in cooling as well, and a few preliminary tests added more fuel to this fire. To be sure, I wanted to do an apples to apples comparison and since I already had done a lot of testing with the EK Supremacy Evo in its various flavors (different inserts, jetplates and so forth), I wanted to get a full nickel top for the CPU block. But seeing how the block had already been disassembled and used, it would have added in a few question marks about the test results and that’s how we ended up here with a brand new Supremacy Evo with the full nickel finish. Thanks to Derick and Niko from EK for sending over the test sample, and also the other manufacturers who sent comparison samples as well as other components used in the test set up.

Let’s take a look at the specs courtesy the product page:

I won’t go into a lot here seeing how this was covered with the first Supremacy Evo review already. The main changes are of course the waterblock top now being nickel plated metal. Now here’s where I had a decision to make. The top is not nickel plated copper, but rather nickel plated brass. But seeing how even brass should have the same function in that it is metallic and has higher thermal conductivity than the plexi top I used before, I went ahead and did the tests. Other changes include the inclusion of the J3 jetplate (my plexi top Evo was one of the very first to be made, before the release of the Intel x99 platform where J3 is used), the updated instructions accordingly as well as the inserts and locking pin being made of ABS plastic and not plexi. Let’s now head over to the next page for a look at the block itself.

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