It has been a while now, but the first Bitspower product review is here. Aside from EK, Bitspower is probably the fastest growing company in the watercooling industry and for good reason too- their fittings in particular have become the benchmark for comparison, and have since diversified into providing waterblocks for a lot of different products- CPUs, motherboards and GPUs alike. This is a bit of a bonus review of sorts, as Bitspower had agreed to send in their Asus x99 R5E kit and I realized that it comes shipped with all the pieces separately as it is. Thanks then to Vincent and Roger from Bitspower, and to Hank, Jeremy and Marina for helping out with some missing parts, let’s see how the Summit EF compares against the other CPU blocks tested out so far.

Let’s begin by taking a look at the specs courtesy the product page:

Features :
1. The Best CPU Water-Cooled Solution.
2. True Hi-Flow Design.
3. With 0.5mm Fins / 0.5mm Channels.
4. Block TOP Cover Made Of Hi-Quality Acrylic.
5. With 3mm/5mm LED Holes.
6. Block Base Made Of Hi-Quality Copper.
7. Fit Mainstream Intel CPU.
8. RoHS Compliant.

Acrylic Color : Clear.
Brackets Color : Black
Dimension ( LxWxH ) : 95 x 95 x 18 MM

Thread : G1/4″ x 2

Bitspower CPU Water-Block Using The Following Processors :
1. INTEL LGA 775
2. INTEL LGA 1155/1156
3. INTEL LGA 1366
4. INTEL LGA 2011
5. INTEL LGA 1150

Included :
1. Screw x 1Set.
2. Spring x 1Set.
3. Bitspower Backplane x 1PCS.
4. Arctic Silver Matrix 2.5G x 1PCS.

***All Specification Will Be Changed Without Further Notice***

While that last line may not sound too appealing, the rest of it is in line with typical Bitspower advertising. The Summit EF comes in a lot of different options, and the one included in the R5E kit is the acrylic top version for Intel. Unfortunately due to the nature of the socket specific kit, this particular review will only feature testing on the Intel LGA 2011-3 socket as it does not come with the backplate or screw set needed for the other sockets. Also, unlike the R5E kit, the waterblock itself comes with TIM which I felt was weird. There is no mention of warranty anywhere here (there is a standard 1 year manufacturer’s warranty of all of their products), and I would have liked to see some in-house testing results to back the claims done- especially regarding the flow and thermal performance. While those are always to be taken with a grain of salt, it still provides some context for comparison for customers doing their research. Now let’s take a look at the block on the next page.

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