Along with the ST30 480mm radiator, I also got a Phobya G-Changer quad 120mm radiator in the mail. The G-Changer has gone through a lot of iterations, with the V.2 being the latest. It is also now the closest it has ever been to the Alphacool UT60. That should not be a surprise considering how close Aquatuning (Phobya being their house brand) and Alphacool are, and with the latter actually helping out with the design and manufacture of the G-Changer radiators. There are some subtle changes here and there but for all intents and purposes, this will also be how an Alphacool UT60 480mm radiator would perform. Thanks to Fabian from Alphacool, Pascal from Aquatuning and Hank from Performance PCs, we now get the chance to do a dual purpose review.

Let’s begin by taking a look at the specs courtesy the product page on Aquatuning’s website (the Phobya website itself is out of date and does not yet feature this):

I need to mention right away that the radiator has 5 G1/4 ports, and not 4 and that the number of fans is of course contingent on the user deciding to go with one side of fans or two. But aside from that, this is a good set of information to have. The product description page has more information including the radiator weight but still mentions the presence of a bleeding screw which was on the earlier version, and has been replaced by a full G1/4 port now. But perhaps the biggest discrepancy is in the dimensions where the description lists them as (L x W x H): 532x125x60mm and not the 517 x 124 x 60mm you see above. Given how Alphacool provides a nice technical drawing to aid people in testing compatibility, this mix-up seems all the more bizarre but perhaps I am faulting Phobya more than is appropriate- it is a separate brand after all, and the continuous comparisons with Alphacool will not seem just. Aside from this, there is no mention of warranty and I would have also liked to see an estimate of coolant volume taken up by this radiator also if possible. But Aquatuning/Phobya have been quick to respond and confirmed a 1 year warranty and also that they would be correcting the dimensions and the information of number of ports right away. With this, let’s now take a detailed look at the radiator on the next page.

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