I have had my share of quad radiators in here before, in both 480 and 560mm size and most of them have been double thick (38-40mm) or more. With more and more people looking at stealth rads in the 30mm thickness or less to fit into SFF/m-ITX builds, I wanted to take a look at more radiators than just the HWLabs Nemesis 480GTS U-Flow we saw before. Granted that getting this in a 480mm size is a bit ironic, but comparing like for like in radiator size is always the way to go and larger radiators also mean less scope for error during data collection- especially if you have the heat load accounted for properly. Thanks then to Fabian from Alphacool, Pascal from Aquatuning and Hank from Performance PCs, we now get the chance to take a look at one of the more popular radiators out there- the Alphacool ST30.

Let’s begin by taking a look at the specs courtesy the product page:

Technical specifications:
Material internal: Mostly copper

Material casing: Side panels steel, threads brass, copper chambers
Colour: Black
Dimensions (LxWxH): 552x124x30mm
Connection threads: 2×1/4“
Mounting thread size: M3
Pressure tested: 1.5bar
Weight: 1,226kg

Extent of delivery:
1x Radiator
16x M3x30mm hexagon socket screw
16x M3x35mm hexagon socket screw

Yet again we see the material description being “mostly copper” for the internals and yet again we see the “full copper” term used in the description. Talking to Aquatuning about this revealed that the “mostly” part was in there to reflect the presence of solder and flux but aside from that the claim is for everything else inside- including the tubing and chambers- to be copper. Aside from that, we get the dimensions of the radiator itself which is very useful information to have for those wanting to ensure compatibility inside a case. If that is not enough, there is also a nice technical drawing with even more information to help plan loop plumbing as well. We also see that this is a 2 port radiator, which is not surprising given the thickness of the radiator, and that this uses M3 hex socket screws for mounting and installation- something I am not generally a fan of as these small hex heads can strip easier and also prove a challenge with some cases necessitating adapters. But at least in here, the weight of the radiator is small enough for the M3 screws to not be a source of worry for anyone. One thing I would have liked to see here is the coolant volume occupied by the radiator as well as the warranty on the product. We will cover the former part soon, and I believe there is a general 1 year warranty on all Alphacool products which should cover this radiator also, but I could be mistaken. Hopefully I am because 1 year is woefully short compared to the multiple years, and in some cases a limited lifetime warranty, that other radiator manufacturers offer. Let’s now take a look at the radiator in more detail on the next page.

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