After having taken a look at 3 fans from Noctua before (NF-S12B Redux, NF-F12 IPPC-2000 PWM and NF-F12 IPPC-3000 PWM), I wanted to get my hands on one of their retail units. I had covered the NF-F12 in two IPPC formats so going about with the same in a retail version did not make much sense to me. Their “Which fan is right for me” page lists the NF-F12 to be their primary static pressure optimized fan, and the NF-S12 being more of a case/ventilation fan designed for low impedance/higher airflow situations. Seeing how I test fans on radiators, I was not sure that the NF-S12A was a good choice personally but it was one that many readers wanted to see tested and so thanks to Hank from Performance PCs, here we are.

Let’s go back to the specs now, with a better look from the product page:

We see that the retail fans, including this very one, get the latest technology from Noctua as opposed to the Redux series which are based off older fans, and also come with a heap load of accessories as opposed to the Redux series. There’s also a very good list of specs listed out here with bearing type and RPM/airflow/static pressure/noise information for not just the fan as-is but also with the two speed reducer cables that come with the fan. On my end, I only consider the RPM information and that is still invaluable information to check against my own findings. The fan itself has a low power draw rating, and a great 6 year warranty to go along with the >150, 000 h MTBF (presumably at 25 ºC). So far so good, and a few other manufacturers would go well to take note. Let’s now take a look at the product on the next page.

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