Given how many watercooling parts have been coming in here recently, I wanted to set up a test bed for them. Knowing how I have to keep taking things into hotboxes and/or sound labs, it could not be a fixed case itself and being compact was key. As much as I am an advocate of cylinder/tube reservoirs, they simply would not be as practical in moving. So it had to be a bay reservoir for me, and if I were to go this route then I figured I might as well get a pump top/reservoir combo. The XSPC D5 dual bay reservoir is part of a lot of builds out there, primarily due to the excellent budget level kits that XSPC makes. Thanks then to Paul from XSPC for sending along the reservoir, along with a couple of accessories to go along with it, for testing and use.

Let’s take a look at the specs courtesy the product page:

  • Supports one Laing D5 pump
  • Dimensions: 149 x 85.6 x 60.5mm
  • G1/4″ Thread
  • Brushed Aluminium Faceplate
  • Tough Nylon Body
  • 1x 5mm LED hole
  • Individually Pressure Tested
  • Capacity 300ml

Supplied with black faceplate, 8 screws, and blue LED.

Please note: This product requires the original D5 screw ring to attach the pump to the reservoir.

Maximum water temperature: 50C.

There’s really not much to go here, and frankly I don’t see what else is needed either. Thanks to a suggestion from the previous XSPC product review, each webpage on the XSPC website now has a clear mention of the 1 year manufacturer warranty on their products. The one thing to note here is that max temperature rating- 50 ºC only. It could be an err on the side of caution here since the most fragile part here is possibly the acrylic window in the front and even that is usually rated to much higher anyway. The closest thing here would be the D5 pump itself that you add in, and even those are quite ok with a coolant temperature of 50 ºC (Although if your coolant temperature is that high then you may want to re-think that loop). Knowing now what to expect, let’s now head over to the next page for a good look at the product.

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