I have had this big daddy for close to 6 months now, and it was the very first Black Ice product that was sent to me- for a sponsored build too, not even a review. Since then things have changed a lot with my interest in testing out components increasing and I really wanted to do a review of this as well, especially after having seen how well the Nemesis 480GTX performed. The problem was that getting other 560mm radiators as a comparison was not easy with very few even coming in the 560mm size. I had bought a Black Ice SR-1 560 from another person before (unfortunately without any packaging or accessories, so no review will be coming for it) and then XSPC sent along an EX560 radiator which now made it possible to do something with this. Thanks to Blacknoise sending some of their Black Silent Pro 140mm fans, I was able to put together a small 560mm radiator test set up. It goes without saying, but thanks also to Will from HWLabs for helping with the test sample.

Let’s begin by taking a look at the specs courtesy the product page:

  • 140 mm x 4 fan Xtreme form factor two-pass radiator
  • 592mm x 153mm x 54mm (L x W x H)
  • 16 FPI 25 Micron Copper Fins
  • Now optimized for sub-800 rpm ultra-stealth fans
  • Supercruise optimizations for scalable performance with higher speed fans
  • 15% more tubing area in the same Black Ice® GTX 560 form factor
  • Increased internal coolant flow rates
  • Standard G 1/4″ inlet/outlet fittings
  • Standard M4 mounting threads
  • Custom Dark Matter high quality finish
  • Fully ROHS Compliant
  • 100% Made from conflict-free materials
  • Industry standard Black Ice® quality
  • Lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects

The product page also has a technical drawing that will come in very handy to test for radiator compatibility in a case and also help plan out plumbing:

If that is not enough, here’s a link to a mounting diagram in PDF format for you to print and do a 1:1 scale test. The first thing I noted was the adoption of 15.5mm spacing for fan holes now compared to the 20mm in the SR-1. With more and more cases getting designed to be compatible with only 15-16mm spacing for 140x radiators, it is good to know that this radiator will not have any issues that way. This is also a dual pass type radiator as far as fluid flow is concerned but, as in the case of the other Nemesis GTX radiators, it is not a typical U-flow type system. To find out more about this and the radiator itself, let’s now head over to the next page.

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