This is somewhat of a full circle for me as far as fans go. The very first fan I properly tested out was a pre-production sample of this very fan, the Vardar F4-120, back in Dec last year. It was even before this website was up! Continuing on from the reviews of the Vardar F1-120, F2-120 and F3-120 fans, let’s now check out the retail Vardar F4-120 thanks to Derick and Niko from EK as well as Hank from Performance PCs.

Let’s begin by taking a look at the specs courtesy the product page:

We see that the fan has a double ball bearing which I would have expected to last longer than the advertised MTBF of 50, 000 hours (do note that the specified operating temperature there is 40 ºC and most consumers will have a lower temperature than that). No mention of warranty here, although I do know EK has a standard 2 year warranty on most of their products as mentioned here. The power draw rating is pretty low for a fan with advertised max RPM of 2200 and the advertised PWM duty cycle is 40-100%. We shall see soon how this sample fares in reality. Let’s now take a look at the fan in detail on the next page.

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