Continuing on from my review of the excellent XSPC RX480 V3, today it is time to take a look at XSPC’s AX series of  premium radiators. While the RX focussed on low fan speed performance and came in in the 50-60mm thickness class, the AX is designed to be used more in the mid-high fan airflow region and is in the 30-40mm thickness class. It also has a neat trick that makes it a lot more attractive to case modders too. Is that enough to grab your attention? I sure hope so, because thanks to Paul from XSPC we are now going to explore the radiators in detail. What’s that? Radiators? That’s right- continuing with XSPC’s traditions to keep tuning their products, we have a copy of not just the AX480 V1 but also the next iteration- the V2! This latter one is a silent revision in that no announcements were made and changes were subtle- so much so that even the XSPC website makes no mention of it. The only way to know you have the AX V2 is by looking at the product label on the box.

I must also thank HardwareLabs, EKWB, Performance PCs, Alphacool and Mayhems for providing other samples to test against. Finally, a big thanks to Blacknoise Technologies for providing the fans used in this (and all other radiator) test.

So let’s begin by taking a look at the specs courtesy the product page:

Oh, and there’s also this nice technical drawing too:

Straightaway, you see that there’s something different in this rad from the average rest. The radiator core can actually be removed from the frame itself which in turn has supports for the fans to be installed perfectly flat on the frame. Let’s now take a detailed look at the radiator(s) themselves on the next page.

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