Silverstone has been at the forefront of small for factor builds for a while now and to facilitate this direction, they have a vast library of components to choose from including cases, coolers and PSUs that come in dimensions very few others can even fathom relative to standard ATX tower builds. Today we get to take a look at one such product- the AR02 CPU cooler. This is going to be an interesting review if only for the fact that I have been recently testing out several CPU coolers but every single one of them not only costs a lot more, but is really built for different applications as these. How will this compact single tower cooler stand out? Let’s thank Tony from Silverstone for the review sample and begin by taking a look at the product specs courtesy the product page:

Ah so we see that this is a wee 92mm x 50mm x 134mm single tower that weighs a modest 330g. The fan also is a 92mm size, 25mm thick one that has a max advertised RPM of 2800! Now that’s attention grabbing, if only for possibly wrong reasons. But hey- it’s a PWM fan so let’s keep our minds open here and begin taking a look at the cooler on the next page.

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