Is it just me or does that title sound like an old school movie? Just me? Oh very well then! I have been an active forum member on the OcUK website for over an year now and have had the pleasure to learn from and interact with people there across the pond. While I have never made an order through their store just yet, I do admire them for a lot of things. One in particular has been their Tech Labs initiative wherein they have gone as far as to work with manufacturers on an entirely new SKU which of course is exclusive to them as far as retail sales go. The SST-FQ121WC is one of several products as a result of this.  As you may have seen already, Silverstone makes some very nice fans for radiators and their FQ121 was missing from the set of fans tested out before. Well, now you know why.

The basis for this came about with one of the OcUK product managers was testing out several 120mm fans after the Scythe-Nidec fallout meant no real supply of the excellent Gentle Typhoon fans for Europe and UK. His own tests showed that the Silverstone SST-FQ121 was a viable alternative. But as we have seen, Silverstone like their white/blue color scheme on fans which isn’t necessarily a universal fit. It also has a native PWM module for control and it’s no secret that outside of the motherboard CPU headers and some rare products out there, there aren’t very many easily accessible PWM controllers out there. It also did cost a fair penny for consumers as it came with some nice accessories which may or may not be useful for everyone. Enter thus the SST-FQ121WC (WC for watercooling). This is a.. Well, why not let OcUK themselves speak for the product?

Given the nature of this product, I am actually going to put in the product description as well as the specs- all courtesy the product page:

“Watercooling enthusiasts have typically been left with slim choices when picking a suitable fan for their projects. Specialist cooling fans developed for Liquid Cooling tend to have a significant price tag associated with them and make adding multiple fans to large projects being

The FQ121WC fan from SilverStone sets a brilliant baseline for Liquid Cooling performance featuring high quality components and impressive specifications at a great price point. We have worked with Silverstone to produce a more focussed product that is entirely aimed at Watercooling, Performance and Hardware Enthusiasts that doesn’t break the bank.

Not only is the FQ121WC perfect for bespoke liquid cooled system projects, but it makes a worthy upgrade for AIO Liquid Cooler users.

A number of small but significant changes were made to the product to refine it and make it a real prospect for people looking for exceptional performance at a wallet friendly price.

The FQ121WC is completely black with minimal stickers and branding to ensure that hardware modders have a great base for painting and customisation. The fan blades can be easily removed from the fan motor and the blades are made from the same high quality PBT plastic that the FQ121 fan it derives from. This ensures a solid and premium product feel as well as being hardwearing and durable.

The PWM feature from the original fan has been removed in favour of a 3 pin connector. This change was made to be compatible with fan control units and smart controllers such as the Aqua Computer Aquaero. This fan is designed to be used with fan controllers to give you the best performance and speed/noise output.

The Cable of the FQ121WC is flat to ensure that cable management is easy and that cables can be layered on top of each other in tight spaces when the fans are placed next to each other on watercooling radiators.
The cable and connector are both black to ensure a stealth and uniform appearance.

– Custom design meeting the needs of Hardware and Liquid Cooling enthusiasts
– Optimum airflow, pressure and extremely silent performance
– Specified for Watercooling application
– Innovative blade design focuses airflow with maximum efficiency
– Air-inlet with optimized aerodynamic design reduces noisy air turbulence

– Model No. FQ121WC
– Material P.B.T.
– Color Black blade/black frame
– Bearing P.C.F. bearing (Powder Copper Fluid Bearing)
– Rated Voltage 12V
– Start Voltage =7V
– Speed: up to 1,800rpm
– Airflow 67.5CFM (at maximum speed)
– Static Pressure 0.54 – 1.82mmH2O
– Noise Level 16.4 – 24 dBA
– Life Time 150,000 hours
– Weight 143±5g
– Dimension 120mm ( L ) x 120mm ( W ) x 25mm ( D )

Please note – This Fan is shipped without a box in OEM format to reduce packaging weight, shipping costs and impact to the environment.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself. This is a fan that comes with no packaging, no accessories, all black, no labels or branding on the front/sides and is all bite, little bark. But don’t be fooled- the innards are still that of the FQ121 and has a fluid bearing with an MTBF of 150, 000 hours (presumably at 25 ºC). So let’s now take a look at the product in detail on the next page.

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