When I wrote up the Hydro H75 AIO review, I had no idea that it would be the first of multiple Corsair product reviews. They’ve been massively supportive of this venture of mine- call it a hobby, or an organized test database- and so I am happy to be able to now review their latest (and possibly greatest to date) CPU cooler- the 2x140mm H110i GT. This is an evolution of their earlier Asetek-based H110, which now is  Cool It-based, has Corsair Link integrated into it and has updated SP140L fans with it. There are some other changes, albeit on the cosmetic end mostly. But the question on everyone’s mind is- is it worth it? Thanks to James and George from Corsair, let’s find out for ourselves!

As always, here are the specs courtesy the product page:

As with the H75, the first thing that I see is the 5 year warranty for the cooler which is good to see. We also see the usual copper cold plate, aluminum radiator construction here as with other contemporary CLCs (closed loop coolers). The coolant used inside reflects this and I want to say prevents galvanic corrosion for the entire duration of the warranty period, but without having taken one apart myself I can’t be sure. We also see the cooler compatibility with just about any socket a consumer can make use of with this product. Lastly, and possibly one of the more exciting things here, we see that the included fans are high torque 2100 RPM (+/- 10%) 140mm sized fans. There is a dearth of proper performance oriented 140mm consumer fans out there so bring it on! Let’s now begin taking a look at the package on the next page.

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