If you have not heard of Cougar (well, in the PC DIY context anyway), then I don’t necessarily blame you. This is another company  I feel is vastly underrated, especially from the “bang for your buck” they provide. My first interaction with a Cougar product was when I purchased several of their 140mm Vortex fans after seeing a few people on online communities recommend them. Back then (~10 months back), their fans used to pop up on Newegg or Tigerdirect with a hefty 30-40% discount every month or so too. But they seem to have stopped now and that makes me wonder if this is because the discount campaign to get the name across among enthusiasts worked out. Either way, thanks to Hank from Performance PCs I got a chance to take a look at the 120mm Vortex fan in PWM and black blade favor: the CF-V12HPB (P for PWM, B for black blades).

Let’s take a look at the specs courtesy the product page:

Do note that the 140mm variant is also listed here. We see that the fan has a listed MTBF (at 25 ºC) of 300, 000 hours. This is absolutely incredible and very likely a result of the fluid bearing used here (the Cougar Hydro-dynamic bearing). Surprisingly there was no mention of warranty period anywhere here or from the retailers who stock the fan. A call to Cougar support resulted in the info that the warranty period is 1 year. This is very likely a conservative number from their end and so I would have preferred to see the warranty back up the promise of the longevity from the bearings used.

If that wasn’t enough of specs for you, Cougar also has available a nice datasheet where they list and illustrate out the technology used in the manufacturing of this fan. But if all that was too technical, they also have a video:

So far it does seem like Cougar is covering all bases when it comes to technical marketing of this product. Now let’s take a look at the fan itself on the next page.

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