Well that’s certainly a mouthful. While you chew on it, allow me to talk to you about the NF-F12. Ever since I started getting interested in building my own PC(s), the one component I have seen recommended more than anything else is the Noctua NF-F12. Be it a forum discussion on case fans, heatsink fans, low FPI radiator fans or high FPI radiator fans, the one default answer seemed to be the Noctua NF-F12. The original version came in an “interesting” color scheme and then Noctua introduced the Redux & Industrial line of fans. So now thanks to Hank from Performance PCs, I got the opportunity to take a look at the NF-F12 in its IPPC-2000 PWM version. Note that Noctua also has a non PWM version of this, a regular version, an IPPC 3000 RPM version as well as an IP67 IPPC version.

Given all these variants, let’s be sure to take a look at the specs of this particular fan courtesy the right product page:

We note here that the IPPC (Industrial Protected Performance Cooling) versions are “ruggedised high-speed versions” of the regular retail NF-F12 which tops off at 1500 RPM (+/- 10%) and has the aforementioned different color scheme. This fan, for example, is composed of a fibre-glass reinforced polymer which may not seem different to the touch directly but is tougher a material compared to the regular plastics used in a fan frame and blade. The MTBF of >150, 0000 hours (presumably at 25 ºC) and a 6 year warranty are great to see too, as is the RPM range from 450-2000 which is a combination of the excellent PWM design here using the 3-phase motor as well as the low power draw as specified above. But enough of all this talk, let’s now take a look at the fan in the next page.

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