Phobya is Aquatuning’s house brand, and as such is a label on several products including pumps, waterblocks, fans, radiators and so forth. This blurry line between original design and re-branding results in a case where this particular product is not even listed on the Phobya website! Nonetheless, almost all major retailers across the world carry Phobya products including this and so thanks to Hank from Performance PCs, we get to take a look at this fan.

Seeing how there is no product page on the Phobya website, we take a look at the specs courtesy the product page on PPCs instead:

Technical specifications:
Dimensions: 120x120x25mm
Color: Black frame, red fan blades and NEW only with the PWM version: Red LEDs
Weight: 122g
Nominal voltage: 12V
Starting voltage: 7V
Current draw: 0,45A
Nominal speed: 600-1500rpm (+/- 10%)
Airflow: max. 107,76m³/h / 63,44CFM
Noise emission: 10-25 dB(A)
MTBF (25°C): 100.000hrs
Connector: PWM
Max. static pressure: 1.6mm-H2O

Extent of delivery:
1x Phobya Nano-G 12 PWM Silent 1500rpm RED LED ( 120x120x25mm )
4x Fan screws

No mention of warranty here or fan bearing type, but that MTBF number of 100, 000 hours at 25 ºC is encouraging. Now while the fan connectors lists PWM, there is also this little tidbit in the product description: “At full speed even the most modern fan will become audible. Therefore the Phobya fans are designed to handle lower voltages well which allows operation in a voltage range of 5-12V” to go along with the listed starting voltage of 7 V. So is this a PWM fan (at a constant 12 V) or a voltage controlled 4 pin connector fan? I am not a big fan of the manufacturer themselves not being sure. Let’s take a look at the fan in detail on the next page.

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