Ah, Parvum! I have gone from not knowing who or what Parvum is to greatly appreciating their continued contributions to the PC DIY world thanks to some spectacular builds coming up in thee past year using their customized acrylic cases. I mean, if you have these sentence on your website- “We are always accepting custom part routing, bending & other modifications.” and “We pride ourselves on making each case with that little extra bit of care and offering a slightly more personal approach to the world of computer cases.”- then you better back it up. So far they have done just that and more. I personally have not had the pleasure of checking out one of their cases yet but thanks to Hank from Performance PCs, I now have the opportunity to check out the Parvum F1.0 fan.

Now there is no product page for the fan on the Parvum website so I borrow the tech specs from the PPCs product page here:

Now if that looks familiar it is because the Parvum F1.0 is a rebranded Alpenföhn Wing Boost 2. I really don’t mind this at all since US customers don’t really have access to these fans from within the country and this is a brand I have heard several of my European friends recommend. Also, the Parvum F1.0 is offered in a white blade color option that the original Wing Boost 2 does not come in. So let’s take a detailed look at the fan (black blades variant) on the next page.

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