Well that’s quite a name, isn’t it? Cooler Master is a giant in the PC DIY industry selling everything from cases, power supplies, peripherals to coolers, fans, and even laptop accessories. This particular product was not sent from Cooler Master though. In fact, a forum member of Linustechtips (Faceman) was curious as to how the fan performed and was kind enough to send me a retail sample from Amazon. Much thanks to him for this, as well as the 120mm gasket as well to go along with it.

Let’s begin by taking a look at the specs courtesy the product page:

Ah, we have our first entry into the 1801-2200 RPM range! However long lived the sleeve bearing will be, it remains a sleeve bearing and that’s why the MTBF is quoted at 40, 000 hours only. This fan also gets a warranty of 1 year to go along with it. Now that some expectations have been set, let’s take a look at the fan in detail.

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