EKWB has become synonymous with the PC custom watercooling enthusiasts. While known mainly for their waterblocks, they carry a full set of components that would enable one to do a complete EK only water loop. In fact, you can even do an EK only subzero cooling too but let’s not get too far off the topic here. As part of a quad size radiator test, EK sent along their Coolstream PE 480. Thanks a lot to Derick and Niko for providing the sample!

Let’s begin by taking a look at the specs courtesy the product page:

– Copper fins
– 90% copper tubing (H90)
– Brass chambers
– Aluminum housing

Dimensions: 520 x 130 x 38mm (L x W x H)
Weight: 1.26kg
Liquid Capacity: ~235mL
FPI: 38 (19 split fin)
Port threads: 2x G1/4
Fan compatibility: any standard size 120x120x25mm fan; UNC 6-32 thread tapping
Pressure tested: 1bar(g)

– EK-CoolStream PE series radiator /w pre-installed G1/4 extenders
– flat-head UNC 6-32 screws (l=30mm)
– flat-head UNC 6-32 screws (l=5mm)

– When using fans other than standard 120x120x25mm size please use appropriately long screws!
– Use of the improperly long screws may result in piercing of the radiator core and irrepairable damage the product. Such misuse is not covered by product warranty!

Additional Information

End of life No
Threads G1/4
# of Fans 4
FAN SIZE 120mm

The first thing that caught me eye here was the fin density of 38 FPI. Then I noticed in brackets that this is 19 split (splitter) fins. So is is 38 or 19? Let’s take a look at the radiator properly in the next page.

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