Silverstone was formed in 2003 and to this date, I find it possibly the most underrated company in the PC DIY industry. I myself have been guilty of this, and only really began to appreciate that niche piece of the whole pie they have been carving silently all this time- be it SFF cases, SFX PSUs (including their own new SFX-L standard) or the more “traditional” chassis/cooling options. I figured it was due time for me to get more familiar with their offerings. Thanks to Tony from Silverstone, I have my hands on a few of their 120mm fans. Today we begin by taking a look at the FN121-P.

Here are the specs taken from the product page:

Model No.
Sleeve bearing
Rated Voltage
12V DC
Start Voltage
6.5V DC
Operating Range
6.5V~13.8V DC
Rated Current
0.11A, 0.33A (Max.)
Rated Power
1.32W, 3.96W (MAX.)
1200 rpm ± 200 rpm
58.47 CFM
Static Pressure
1.12mmH2O (Max.)
Noise Level
25.15 dBA(Max)
120mm ( L ) x 120mm ( W ) x 25mm ( H )

On the next page, we will take a look at the fan itself.

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