XSPC is another company that has over a decade of history in the enthusiast watercooling world. They bring to market everything from waterblocks, pumps, reservoirs to radiators, tubing, coolant and more. Their RX series of radiators in particular has been one of the top performers at low-medium fan speeds (600-1500 rpm with an average fan). When they launched the V3 last year, they promised better performance while being able to lower the radiator thickness compared to the previous V2 variant. Thanks to Paul from XSPC, I am able to pit this up against a few other contemporary radiators and see how it performs. I must also thank HardwareLabs, EKWB, Performance PCs, Alphacool and Mayhems for providing other samples to test against. Finally, a big thanks to Blacknoise Technologies for providing the fans used in this (and all other radiator) test.

Let’s take a look at the feature list courtesy the product page which incidentally still links “V2” and not “V3”:

  • Matt Black Painted Core
  • Dimensions: 130 x 56 x 518.5mm (WxDxH)
  • Copper and Brass Core
  • Core thickness: 46mm
  • 2 Rows of 21mm by 2mm Tubes
  • 13fpi (fins per inch) Splitter Fin
  • RoHS Compliant
  • G1/4″ Ports
  • Weight: ~ 2052g
  • 6-32 Case and Fan Screws
  • Fans: 4 x 120mm (8x with push/pull)
  • Supplied 30mm and 6mm 6-32 UNC screws

On the next page, we will take a look at the radiator unit in detail.

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