Phanteks was established in 2007 and, until very recently, were known for their excellent CPU air coolers. But with the launch of the Enthoo Primo case, they made a statement of taking on custom watercooling in stride and backed it up with cases to follow. While they have no liquid cooling solutions yet, they launched what is arguably their first dedicated product into this market late last year with the PH-F120MP and PH-F140MP high static pressure fans which were marketed for radiators. Thanks to Justin at Phanteks USA, I got a chance to take a look at these fans.

Let’s take a look at the specs for these fans courtesy the Phanteks website:

1) PH-F120MP

2) PH-F140MP

That video does take some creative license and re-shapes a few practicalities but definitely does serve the purpose of introducing these fans to the average consumer. Now let’s take a look at the fans themselves on the next page.

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