EK Waterblocks has established itself as one of the principle brands in the custom watercooling industry today. The Supremacy CPU block was lauded by many as one of the best overall blocks available. So when their brought out the Supremacy Evo (as an evolution), I was one of many curious to see what was changed and what could be improved in a sector where performance enhancements are not very easy to obtain anymore. Thanks to EK, I got a chance to test out the Supremacy Evo against the Koolance 380i I had been using so far. I also thank Swiftech for providing the H220-X AIO cooler (whose review will be published soon here) which has their Apogee XL CPU block as another test sample, and Performance PCs for providing the jetplate J3 for the Supremacy Evo.

Let’s take a look at the features listed out on the EKWB store:

EK-Supremacy EVO is an evolution of a EK-Supremacy flagship performance water block, introduced in 2012. More than one year worth of round-clock development, CFD analysis and rigorous testing is now resulting in ultimate performance, unmatched by any other product on the market.

EK-Supremacy EVO is a universal CPU water block that fits all modern CPU sockets with a universal mounting mechanism that offers error-preventing, tool-less installation. The result is a perfect installation which results in optimal performance every time. EK-Supremacy EVO is truly the only product for performance seeking enthusiasts. The key features are:

unmatched thermal performance – more than 2.2°C better performance on most popular LGA-1150 & LGA-2011 processors.
very high-flow design – low hydraulic restricion allows this product to be used in setups using weaker water pumps.
modular design – using various inserts and jets the performance can be further fine-tuned to unleash maximum performance by ensuring the optimal contact with the CPU integrated heat spreader (IHS).

The EK-Supremacy EVO uses the same cooling engine as it’s predecessor. The cooling liquid accelerates through jet plate’s nozzle and turbulently continues its path through numerous very thin channels, which provide extreme heat dissipating surface area. Specifically designed and carefully machined copper base (sometimes referred to as ‘cold plate’) is made from purest copper available on the market and is further polished to absolute mirror finish. This alone greatly improves the cooling performance of EK-Supremacy EVO.

The top is made from CNC machined acrylic glass while the insert is made from injection moulded transparent MABS polymer. Plexi top variants have two slots for easy installation of 3mm LED diodes.

CPU socket compatibility:
– Intel LGA-775
– Intel LGA-1150/1155/1156
– Intel LGA-1366
– Intel LGA-2011(-3)
– AMD Sockets: 939, 754, 940
– AMD Sockets: AM2, AM2+, AM3, AM3+,FM2, FM2+

– EK-Supremacy EVO series water block
– EK-Supremacy EVO PreciseMount mounting mechanism
– EK-Supremacy Backplate system (Intel LGA-1366 & AMD AMx Backplate; Intel LGA-115x Backplate ; rubber gasket)
– Additional AMD Socket mounting plate
– TIM / thermal grease: Gelid GC-Extreme (EKWB 1.5g)

– Narrow server type LGA-2011 is not supported by default – a Mounting plate Supremacy LGA-2011 Narrow ILM is mandatory to install this water block on narrow server type LGA-2011 motherboards.

Additional Information
End of life No
Option Nickel Plexi
Threads G1/4
Prepared for LED Diode 3mm
Sockets AMD, Intel

You may have noticed by now that the Supremacy Evo is available in a large variety of options: copper, nicker plated copper, acetal top, plexi top, white edition, red edition, blue edition, and green edition with various combinations of these in their “Clean CSQ” and “Original CSQ” design. Oh, also the “Elite” editions with a full nickel top and Indigo Extreme TIM instead of the already excellent Gelid GC-Extreme that comes bundled up with the others. The sample I chose was the Clean CSQ, Plexi top, nickel coated copper variant.

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